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Fun Theme Parties
Winter Beach Party

No need to feel blue in the winter!  Party participants arrive in bathing suits, flip flops, bearing beach towels, and get fabulous TropiCoco tropical scented spa products.  Everyone gets hands, feet, and face exfoliated, moisturized and massaged with the heavenly scented SleepoverSpa products, nails and toes are painted, and each participant gets a bronzed makeover so they look as tan as they feel!  Add frozen drinks and you've got a special party for all ages.

Jewels 'N Gems Sparkling Spa Bash

A great party for creative girls, this party includes hand and facial services, including nails polishing (glitters and gems available!), makeovers (sparkling jewels for face available!), and each girl will create their own necklace.  A wonderful spa time for everyone!

Mother/Daughter Let's Get Connected Spa Bash

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stay connected with our teens and tweens.  This is a great fun party for moms and kids to spend positive time together.  This deluxe party includes mini-mani, mini-pedi, and mini-facial spa services, with your choice of scented lotions.  A wonderful, fun and relaxing spa time for everyone!

Pop Stars All-Star Spa Jam

Pop music fans will love this one!  Party Participants receive our mini-mani and mini-pedi spa services, create canvas tote bags featuring their current faves, and rock out with karaoke fun!  A perfect party for girls over 9 years of age.   Please note, this party contains two add-0ns and is priced at $395 for up to 10 girls. 

Groovy Retro Sixties Party

Get your groove on!  Each party participant will receive SleepoverSpa products in the scent of your choice, spa services for hands and face, and when they are done everyone gets a 60's makeover!  Psychedelic scarves are created by each party guest as well, and before you go home, there's a fashion runway show where everyone can oooh and ahhh over your new mod look!  A blast from the past party that will leave everyone feelin' groovy. 
Frozen Spa Bash

A great party for kids who love the movie Frozen!  Temporary tattoos, glitter hair, makeup, mini-manicures and your choice of a Frozen themed craft bring lots of Frozen fun to all party participants!

Disney Pop Screaming Scene Party

A great party for girls who love these current faves.  Every party participant will be pampered with hand treatments and facials, nails and makeovers, and a craft that uses their favorites as inspiration.  Every participant will create a themed tote bag that will carry their take home SleepoverSpa products.  Play the CD's and DVD's during the party for additional ambiance.
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