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Holiday SleepoverSpa

Fall Holiday SleepoverSpa Parties

Fall holidays bring out the warmth in all of us.  SleepoverSpa can make these holidays extra special with fall themed spa parties, including pumpkin facials, cranberry infused toners and lotions, fabulous antibacterial cinnamon scrubs, and all the colors and scents of fall.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are perfect excuses for pampering yourself (and some friends!), but really, autumn itself is reason enough for having a special SleepoverSpa party experience.

Winter Holiday SleepoverSpa Parties

Every winter holiday is a reason to plan a SleepoverSpa party.  Whether it's Christmas and you're thinking about spa products in red and green scents (think cranberry, pomegranate, mint, and basil and sage) or it's Valentine's Day and you want to deck everyone out in rose scented, berry cherry scented, or do a great Valentine's Chocolate Bliss spa party, we can customize a party that will chase your winter blues away.
Spring and Summer SleepoverSpa

Every season brings new reasons (and new ways) to SleepoverSpa.  Floral scents can usher in your Spring party; Easter can be a great reason to do an Awakening party, with fresh and minted scents that will revive your senses as you pass from winter into spring.  Summer fun can be had with beachy and tropical scents, bronzed makeovers (you can do this in winter, too, and chase the winter blahs), and refreshing tropical drink parties where you supply the drinks and we match them with SleepoverSpa products in tropical drink scents.
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