Party Ideas

At home spa parties can be incredibly fun, and we make them incredibly easy.  But parents ask me for ideas all the time.  This space will be for sharing ideas I have, and ideas I come across, that will make it easy for you to decorate for your upcoming spa party.


One mom had the brilliant idea of taking photos of her daughter in a robe and turban, and then blowing up the shots to big posters.  She hung them around the room where the party was being held!


This one is good for adults or kids, the adults can have their drink alcoholic, the children's can be without.  A signature drink that everyone can enjoy at the party can be fun and make serving easy.  Using pina colada mix (alcoholic fo the adults, non-alcoholic for the kids) you can tint the drink to match the color scheme of your party, and drizzle chocolate, strawberry or caramel syrup down the sides of the drink, and/or put colored sugar around the rim.  Add an umbrella and you have year round tropical fun that matches your party!


You can add small white lights gentle wrapped with tulle ribbon and put them around windows, railings, and doorways, tucked here and there with some silk ribbon roses for a light and airy spa look.  Take a large charger plate and add sand and group electric tea lights.  Scatter silk petals, and add nail polish and lip gloss tied together with bows.