Specialty Theme Parties

Winter Beach Party

A great choice for a winter birthday party, we bring the sunshine with mini-manicures, mini-facials, "bronzing" to add a little glow, and flip flop craft.  Play beach summer music and serve them frozen drinks and you've got yourself a beach bash!

Jewels 'n Gems Sparkling Spa Bash

Creative spa divas will enjoy mini-manicures, mini-facials, and creating beaded necklaces and bracelets.  Temporary glitter tattoos complete the look and add to the fun!

Pop Stars All Star Jam

Pop music fans will love this one.  Everyone receives mini-manicure and mini-pedicure services, create pop star tote bags, and rock out to karaoke!  Non stop fun for active participants.

Fan-tastic Spa Party

Let us create a party around your favorite obsession!  Fan parties typically include mini-manicure and mini-facial services with makeup and glitter hair, and include a craft that shows your love for your favorites, whether they are characters, sports teams, or even a movie or television show!

Me and My American Girl Doll Spa Party

A perfect party for girls obsessed with their dolls, this party includes a mini-manicure and mini-facial for the party participants, and the girls create a pillow craft that's perfect for their American Girl dolls.

SleepoverSpa Girl Scout Jamboree

We love Girl Scouts and have created a special party just for them.  Mini-manicures, mini-facials with makeup, Beauty All Around Us posters that the troop creates together, pillow craft that each girl creates for themselves, a fun party that gets girls to see beauty everywhere!