Teens and Tweens

SleepoverSpa You New Makeover Party

A great party for teens and tweens interested in makeup and skin care.  Our mini-manicure, mini-pedicure, and mini-facials for each participant along with skin care tips and individual makeup and instruction for everyone!

Tattoo You Henna 'n Hands Spa Party

Our mini-manicures and mini-pedicures for each participant, plus henna tattoos applied to each girl to their specifications.  Henna is genuine and lasts for up to two weeks.  Lots of exotic fun!.

SleepoverSpa Purty Mani Pedi Party

The perfect party for the nail obsessed, each participant receives our mini-manicures and mini-pedicures, with plenty of choices for nail enamels as well as finishes, a pampering experience for all!

The Rock'n Bash, a Boy/Girl Party

The perfect party for girls with lots of guy friends too.  Each party participant receives mini manicures, "rocked out" hair which includes color tips and spiking for the guys and color and glitter with simple braid/updo for the girls, and karaoke for everyone.  Cool spa fun for everyone!

SleepoverSpa Chocolate Bliss Sensation Party

A chocolate pampering experience!  Our mini-manicures and mini-pedicures with Chocolate Bliss lotion for hands/feet, and our mini-facials with chocolate face masque for a total cocoa immersion! 

SleepoverSpa Cheer Maniac Party

For the cheer crowd, a party that includes mini-manicures, mini-facials with cheer makeup, glitter hair, and your choice of a cheer related craft.  Can be customized with whatever colors your actual cheer team uses!  Go Team!